Many friends, entrepreneurs, & VCs warned me… I couldn’t resist.

Me. Looking at building a social network.

But there are fundamental flaws with social:

  1. Binary Social Connections

The Blank Canvas Problem

When you give people a blank canvas, certain personalities & content are attracted to the empty state. This is great if you’re rich, famous, beautiful & extroverted. If you’re not those things, you can drop some funny memes to stay in the game.

This is where we’re at with modern social. There’s one network that’s changing this paradigm, I’ll explain later.

Binary Social Connections

On current social networks, it works like this:

Today marks the day that I’ve experienced 33 solar orbits.

I’ve experienced 12,054 Earth rotations.

I’ve experienced 289,296 hours. Probably only 192,671 if you only counted my waking hours.

If I live to the avg life expectancy, I have 268,579 waking hours left. 16,803 more Earth rotations. 46 more solar orbits.

These numbers may make you feel uncomfortable.

Fight that feeling.

It’s the same feeling that holds you back from radiating love & happiness into this world. It’s the same feeling that makes you let fear guide you, instead of happiness.

Life is short. Do something (even something very small)…

My son Leonardo & my father Tom.

As a new father, I realized with clarity that time is fleeting. A year later, when my father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, I realized with clarity that life is short. I realized the most important memories of my loved ones are just sitting in my fallible mind.

In the future we will have our precious memories at our fingertips: whenever we need them, wherever we are, stored securely forever. We’ll share these memories with the people closest to us and keep these precious memories within a quick reach. We’ll take a few minutes here and there to reminisce. Go back…

TL;DR — Using two convection cells & 4 forces you can model how a customer thinks about switching from an old product to a new one.

  • The Switch Model is analogous to a pot of water that is on the stove, the bubbling & currents of water as it converts to a gas can be used to learn how the customer thinks about switching
  • Learning more about these forces can help you advertise & build a more successful product

If you’re not familiar…

A manager’s main objective is to maximize the output of their team. You can do this a million different ways and there are pros/cons with each approach. When I first contemplated one on ones, I spent a lot of time gathering information and advice on how to do them right. With most things, there is no “right” approach, it is about what works for you and your team. However, I wanted to share the framework I use in an effort to hold meaningful 1:1s.

One of the most impactful books I read on my journey to hold successful 1:1s was…

I’ve played a fair share of SimCity & Cities: Skylines, I might know a thing or two about city planning… 😒 With my obvious bullshit “accolades” aside, I am fascinated by the impact of autonomous vehicles on our society.

A friend asked the following question:

Has anyone read any good articles/books on how self driving cars might change the way we build roads/design cities? I read a few weeks ago that the average utilization of a car is 5%. I wonder was the average utilization of the average mile of road is in the United States.

While 5% car utilization…

While reading Here’s What We Need to Do to Get VR to Take Off the author outlined several challenges that need to be overcome for virtual reality to succeed as a platform. One of the challenges caught my eye. How will video game developers continue to deliver their traditional story telling methods when a gamer has the ability to “miss” key information or scenes? Gamers have the ability to move their head around at will, which could cause them to miss key moments.

Product Managers in video game studios are clearly already working on this challenge, but I wanted to…

When I read Ben Horowitz’s Good Product Manager/Bad Product Manager it was like a lone star emerging in the night sky while sailing. I know where our ship is headed directionally, but when we get lost, it’s helpful to be able to look to the sky for guidance.

Product Managers all know that we must ship product. But how does a Product Manager grow as an individual?

On one hand, a Product Manager should be solely graded on the success of their product — but what about the intangibles of the role? …

After inviting a Product Manager to coffee, I love asking what Product Management means to them. To some, a puzzled look sweeps across their face as they ponder if they’ve just committed to coffee with an idiot. To others, a smile and a laugh is followed by their story into the field of Product Management. Each one of these responses paints a few brush strokes of the picture of what this profession actually is.

So what have I found?

We’re a collection of skilled misfits; failed programmers, business people who’ve gained the respect of technology artisans, left-brained designers, generalists who…

Chad Wittman

SparkNotes for the internet, via 5-min audio summaries. CEO Fathom // Former: Dolly, EdgeRank Checker

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